September 23, 2019

Improved Access To La Salle Makes Prairie View Lakes and Prairie Place That Much More Attractive

One thing growing families look for when they elect to build a new home in a bedroom community is accessibility. And while access to La Salle – and communities within the town, such as Prairie View Lakes and Prairie Place – has been good to date, it’s about to get better. Much better, in fact. Access to and from town has improved markedly due to two exciting developments. First, there’s the creation of Nathan Drive, which now provides seamless access from Prairie View Lakes to PR 330 and out to the city. A wider turn also makes it safer to turn into the development and onto PR 330. Should you be coming into town from the south, there’s now a bypass lane that will allow drivers to pull safely to the side and out of the way of cars behind them while turning into the development. Second, those heading north toward the Perimeter Highway and city will benefit from the creation of an acceleration lane. It will allow drivers to get up to speed so they can merge safely onto the Perimeter, something that’s been lacking in the past. Meanwhile, drivers coming into town from the north will appreciate a deceleration lane that allows drivers to turn out of traffic – something that will greatly reduce the possibility of being rear-ended. The upshot of these improvements? Not only will La Salle and its communities be more accessible, but it will be much safer to get in and out of the area. That’s something that will only add to a warm, vibrant community that provides an amazing lifestyle that gives you everything your family needs: peace, safety, convenience and great amenities – all at an incredibly affordable price!