Happy Homeowners

Hi Ventura Team,

On behalf of my family, I would like to extend our Thanks to everyone who was part of our journey on building our Home.
Our walk through yesterday was beyond expectations.
We are very excited to move into our beautiful new home.

I would like to acknowledge the following:

Evald – who worked with us in the drafting the customizations we wanted as part of the sales agreement early on.
Lesley – who tirelessly work with us on change orders despite responding to a lot of other customers. She was always reachable by phone and was always accommodating.
Lyndsay – who made the design selection process smooth and easy. Picking all the colors, materials, hardware in a day is truly overwhelming. But she guided us along the way and never pressured us in any of the selections.
Carly – who managed to handle the ensuite shower placement problems and pro-actively suggested door handles hardware that matches our ensuite. It turned out very nice.
Troy – who responds to our inquiries regarding garage and insulation and offered recommendations to us.
Ron – he was accommodating during site visits. But more importantly for getting this house done beyond our expectations. (please extend our thanks since I do not have his email)
Susan – who has been pro-actively sending out the signed changed orders, plans and permits and other documents without being asked.
Glenda – I know that we had initial hiccups with All Weather Windows, but as you have said that the house will be beautiful, it truly is beautiful.

Also please extend our thanks to Pasquale. He was very welcoming and accommodating during the walk through. We never felt pressured to run through it quickly and giving us time to check out the house. He also has a sharp eye on pointing stuff. So we feel more confident on the quality of Ventura.

Thanks to the Ventura Family.

Best Regards Edward, Janice & Family

Delisle Court

I just wanted to write you an email to express Katie and I’s gratitude for the house that Ventura built for us.

We’ve just taken possession, and have moved in our things, and we absolutely love our house.

The team that helped us during the build process has been outstanding.

Terry Patterson has been such a huge help with us moving in. He’s fixed little things with our move very fast, answered many of our questions throughout the build and we are forever grateful.

We would also like to thank Lesley Prodanuk, Dana Fryza, Lyndsay Stokes, and Evald Frederikson who made the entire build process enjoyable, and stress-free.

I’d like to keep this email short, but once again thank you very much for the work Ventura has done to build our dream home.

Cherrywood Road

Beautiful designs. Wonderful customer service. Would like to thanks Jon Dundas, the salesperson in Bridgewater and Prairie Point area for listening to our needs so patiently and for cheerful customer service. Also, I would like to thank Arin Comack for being so wonderful and listening to us where ever we had any concerns. We are happy to be part of the Ventura Family! Thanks again!

Highmoor Court

I’m lucky to have Ventura as my home builder. Quick response, professional, and always on time. When it comes to impact fee refund, they did full refund to homeowners and the process is very smooth. I would recommend you to my friends and family and you are always my first choice when it comes to building a house. Ventura is the best!

Berry Hill Road

From the first day that we inquired with Ventura Custom Homes, everything has been amazing. They help us all throughout the process since we didn’t have a realtor. I don’t usually do reviews but I wanna share the quality of the homes that they build are unbelievable. We’ve been living in our new homes for 4 months now and my wife and I are very satisfied with the quality of the house. All the minor paint scratch has been fixed 2 hrs after the possession date. Their homes are just perfect. We did not even get any upgrades because their basic homes are equivalent to the upgraded homes that other builders have. Even after the possession date Evald F. and the house supervisor Tom still help us and answer our questions. We definitely recommend them.

John Neufeld Crescent

I bought a house months ago and we made a great deal with them. They are a great builder and always helped us when needed. When going to choose a Builder, go for credibility, quality, and transparency. I recommend!

Edge Park Crescent

We build our 1st custom home with Ventura. Great service with outstanding quality. Thankyou Ventura ♥️

Creekside Road

Ventura Custom Homes built our family an amazing home and was with us every step of the way. Their prices were very fair and the quality was exceptional. Most importantly, the customer service after we took possession of our home was outstanding. We were treated with respect and the utmost professionalism. We have referred Ventura to three other friends and my brother, all of whom have had the same great experience we had. There is no better builder in Winnipeg. Period.

UPDATE: Ventura has been fantastic to deal with during the warranty period and have even helped me better understand the seasonal maintenance requirements that I need to undertake to keep my home in tiptop shape. I couldn’t be happier with our choice to build with Ventura!

Boulevard De La Seigneurie

Great company and excellent people to deal with. Their homes are beautiful and they really make you feel like you’re looked after. There’s really none better. We’re so impressed with them that we’re upgrading from our current Ventura home to a larger Ventura home next spring. Very impressed.

Bill Dance Drive

My wife and I bought a former Ventura show home just over a year ago after looking at other new homes multiple times. The moment we saw this house we knew it was the one and we loved the layout, design, and how well it was built. We are lucky to find our forever home. We had only a few minor deficiencies with our home and they were taken care of quickly. We had paid the impact fee and were worried we would never see it refunded. Ventura refunded our impact fee and I’m so happy they did. Thank you, Arin for the quick responses to my emails and for processing our refund quickly. I highly recommend anyone looking at buying a new home to look at a Ventura one first. I will definitely be recommending Ventura to all my friends and family and anyone I talk to about new homes. Happy Holidays to the Ventura team and all these best to you in 2021. May 2021 bring you continued success and growth. 👍👍

Liba Way

Amazing homebuilder with an amazing team. Ventura goes above and beyond for their clients in order to ensure that they are fully satisfied. It was a pleasure to work with Arin and everyone else at Ventura. Great quality homes from a great company!

Coolspring Point

We built our home with Ventura and I honestly can’t say enough good things about them. They have been there for us every step of the way. The house is beautiful and the build quality is near perfect. Their designs are modern and well thought out with quality products and options. Ventura’s real strength though is their customer service, which is easily the best around. Even in our current times, they do anything they can to help. They are friendly, professional, and extremely customer-focused. At this point, we are planning on moving to a larger build next year and we will definitely be doing this with Ventura again. In my opinion, there is no one better

Bill Dance Drive

We built our home with Ventura in Fall 2018 and took possession in Summer of 2019. The build process went seamlessly and we had absolutely no issues. The customer service by realtor Jon Dundas, head office, vendors and on-site staff were incredible, they were all very responsive and accommodating. We are so pleased with the whole process and would absolutely recommend Ventura to anyone looking to build a new home. As well, bravo to Ventura for being one of the first builders to commit to refunding the impact fee to their customers in full regardless of contract provisions.

Barrmill Road

I just have to let you know THANK GOD FOR LYNDSAY.

My husband and I flew in from Vancouver last week to do what we thought was going to be very daunting – particularly when my husband had to do the exterior of our home without me.

Lyndsay took what we both thought was going to be painstaking and difficult and made it so easy. She was so helpful with everything never discouraging.

Now I can’t wait to see the finished product and show it to Lyndsay over a glass of wine.

I think it is going to be FABULOUS.

Country Vista Drive

I built my first home with Ventura years ago and it was such an incredible experience that I am now building with them again! They have many great designs to start from, but you can customize them any way you want. They will walk you through every decision to ensure you are 100% satisfied with what you are building, and now have their own design studio open to the public so you can take your time making those important decisions.

Highland Creek Road

We are currently building a custom home with Ventura, and the process to date has been great. Their attention to details, and quality work exceeded expectations. We can’t wait to move in!!

Highland Creek Road

Our Experience building with Ventura was fantastic. We decided to build with them as we fell in love with one of their designs. They were very helpful at every step during the build process. I have to say one of their strengths that really stands out above the rest is their willingness to listen and genuinely try to help with any issues/concerns you may have before, during or after moving into your new home. I even recommended them to my best friend and he has had the same amazing treatment. If we decided to build again I know it will be with Ventura.

Brookfield Crescent

We built a home with Ventura in 2016. Overall it was a great experience. We met with Chris Dare and selected our lot, he was extremely knowledgeable and helpful with pretty much every question we had. Ventura made the house building process easy and fun, and they helped us meet a price point within our budget. We’ve been living in the house for 6 months and it’s been nothing but a positive experience. I’d recommend them to anyone!

Hemmingwood Court

We just finished building our second home with Ventura and they just keep getting better and better to deal with. We met so many great staff and are blown away at how helpful, organized and well-managed the company is – they have a process for everything and make the building experience easy for people like us who don’t know anything about construction. We love our newest home and are super happy with our choice to build with Ventura again. When we talk to everyone around us it seems like Ventura has the best site supervisors, organization and process. It’s obvious we get the best service and warranty, too, bc everyone else seems to complain and we think our experience was the best. There’s some really good people working in that company who really care!

Beaverbrook Street

Ventura helped us build our first home, we were very satisfied with how organized and professional all the staff were. Our home was built to schedule and we did not experience any delays. We also would like to thank the designer  for helping us to choose how to design and style our home, we were unsure which colours would match and she did an amazing job! Upon moving into our home we were also very appreciative of how friendly and professional the trades people were when working on finishing touches of our home. Having lived in the neighbourhood for almost a year now, we notice that Ventura trades people stand out in terms of their professionalism compared to other builders.

Dr. David Marsh Row

It was an amazing experience building our first home with Ventura. From our first interactions in the display home, through to the advice we received when drafting our contract, all the way to our possession date and every step in between, we were well-taken care of. Staff were quick to respond to our questions and seemed to genuinely care. We’ll be back!

Dr. David Marsh Row

Just wanted to say thanks again. My clients and I did the final walkthrough yesterday and the quality and attention to detail is outstanding! Amazing work. It must be nice to sell for a builder that has such high quality. I’m sure glitches happen, but even Pasquale was amazing at handling the walkthrough, between his knowledge and confidence, we felt very well taken care of.

Kendall Crescent

I’d like to take a few minutes this evening to write to you about Tom. He has been so wonderful during construction of and my move to Tackaberry Way. Tom easily made this experience very professional and relaxed with his communication and updates during the course of the project.

This being the 4th home that I’ve built, I must say this has been the best build experience with Ventura; and Tom has been a huge part of that experience, always reachable and always going above and beyond. Taking the time to get to know me, the time to chat, tour me though the house when construction was underway and now that I’m moved in taking the time to help/answer questions when needed.

The workmanship and pride that Tom has for every house he oversees is noted by the homeowner, I hardly had any deficiencies upon possession and I have to say that is attributed to Tom and his diligence with this build.

As you maybe aware, I’ve had a few challenges with vendors working on my home and in the area, a quick text or call to Tom and it was rectified within minutes. I strive to not pester foreman with trivial requests but every time I reached out to Tom he has helped me with no question and a smile that you can feel through the phone.

I’d like to express that Tom is a true asset to your company, the quality of work and customer service that he put forward certainly shows that he is the perfect face for your firm and it is shown in the homes he builds.

I look forward to working with Tom and his crew in the spring 2019 to finish up the exterior of my house. Thank you Tom for building me this beautiful home.

Tackaberry Way

I just have to send you a very brief message to let you know how pleased we are with Ventura, and especially with the level of support after we moved in. It really is very amazing. We made the right decision to build with Ventura.

Lake Bend Road

Hi Arin, just went by the house, the stone is on and it looks amazing!!! Thank you so much for getting that done. Also I saw some of that fancy clean capping that you said you are going to do for us, is that on the pillars and on the garage stone?

Thank you SO much for all your help thus far and for everything that you have done for us. We are so grateful for your patience, professionalism, and your generosity. You have been one of our favourite part of this process!!

Coolspring Point

I’m writing you regarding a house my girlfriend and I are building with you on Bonaventure Dr East. The process of selecting fixtures and windows has been enjoyable but I wanted to write to you and express our complete joy of working with your Interior Designer, Lyndsay Stokes.

From her initial contact via email to the warmest welcome at Ventura’s design center, Lyndsay was incredible. Small touches such as a welcoming sign outside the waiting room to personally greet us made us feel at home. Lyndsay had prompted us early with some ideas and suggestions on how to start the ball rolling before we met but once we did meet her expertise was evident. We had selected to stay with the grey scale and everyone of her suggestions was fabulous, it was hard to settle.

What compelled us to write you however, was her humor, warmth. She is an amazing advocate for Ventura homes and her posture regarding the product we are purchasing allowed us to leave excited about our colour selections and our choice to build with Ventura.

Thank you for a great experience.

Bonaventure Drive East

Tom, thank you for all of your help over the last month and a half. Without you to guide me, I know that I would have been anxious about this process (more so than I was!). I know that it’s a part of your role, but your kindness & patience is so appreciated, and you personal service goes above & beyond. You’ve helped to make this a pain-free & positive experience.

Again, thank you for every big & little thing you’ve done for me. Know that I am forever grateful for your help in building my first new home. I have no doubt that it will serve me well in years to come, because you were involved in its creation.

Prairie Crocus Drive

My husband and I are building a home with Ventura. We just wanted to send a quick note of appreciation for the members of your team, specifically Jon Dundas, Lesley Prodanuk & Kathy Labossiere (although anyone we’ve interacted with has been great!).

Jon has been an absolute pleasure to work with and we really appreciated his help, he has gone above and beyond, is always accessible and helped us get everything we wanted and more in a home – we couldn’t be more excited for it!

Lesley has helped answer all of our questions (of which there have been many!) she is super friendly, prompt, thorough and has helped us be confident we’re getting what we want.

We met with Kathy for our colours selection and again she exceeded our expectations, Kathy was friendly and professional, we really appreciated her expertise. She helped us put together a gorgeous end product and made what could have been a stressful appointment into a relaxed one – we know what we like but we had no idea how to put it together!

We know the process isn’t over, but so far it’s been a really positive one. Thanks!

Manipogo Bay

My husband and I are both very happy that we had chosen Ventura to build our dream home. It is beautiful! It exceeded our expectations, especially the floor – it looks amazing! And our kids love it, you should have seen their faces when they first walked inside the house.

Everyone we met along the way in this journey treated us with respect, care and warmth. Tom is amazing! The first time we met him, he treated us like family. He patiently walked us through the house, answered our questions and listened to our concerns. He had everything under control. When we were given the possession date of January we expressed concern to Tom that it might be a problem, he listened and promised that he would do his best to accommodate an earlier possession date.

He worked miracles! He was able to work with his team to get us a November possession date. I understand that he had to go through the proper channels, that our request could have been impossible. We had already braced ourselves for this possibility. But just by the mere fact that he took us seriously and actually tried made us very grateful that we had met him.

He is also very professional. The few times we met with him to see the house, we saw him deal with his contractors both in person and on the phone. He is firm, he manages his schedule very well and he takes pride in delivering quality work. He is a very busy man, but will find the time to follow up on us just wanting to know how we are and if there are any issues.

Again, we are very happy to have our dream home made by Ventura. And the friends we’ve met along the way is icing on the cake! We only have good things to tell our friends about our experience with your company, you should be very proud to have an excellent team!

Larry Vickar Drive East

Me and my wife are the prospective owners of Philip Lee Drive. I am writing to put in a good word for Supervisor Tom. Today we had the pleasure of meeting him and he explained everything we needed to know and answered all of our questions/concerns. This is our first house and there is a lot of excitement around it, and at the same time stress. I want to mention Tom’s exemplary customer assistance; after our visit our car died  in front of the house and didn’t have our booster with us. Tom went out of his way to help us by going home and getting his booster cable, not only is he a very good and knowledgeable employee of Ventura, he is also a perfect gentleman. He puts in hard work and effort for Ventura ensuring its customers are happy and satisfied.

Philip Lee Drive

Vince came yesterday to fix the floor, he was on time and did excellent work by explaining what he did, he also fixed the door lock that had been sticky all this while. Again thanks Glenda for being approachable.

Medinah Drive

My wife and I would like to personally let you know the warmth and overwhelming accommodations of Ventura staff though out the process of building our dream home.

It took us a few months to decide in choosing a builder until we met a very welcoming Chris Dare. We cannot recall how many back and forth emails we had after our initial encounter not to mention a number of subsequent appointments before we signed the agreement. All through out the process he has been very accommodating in answering all questions and representing us in elevating our concerns to Ventura.

We thought selecting the interior and exterior colours would be a struggle but Christiane made that task so easy for us so we would like to thank and acknowledge her expertise in this area.

Our thanks also to the production team. A special thanks to Lesley for the attention given on our change orders. I recall making last minute changes and she gladly processed those orders.

We are also very glad to have Terry as our site supervisor. As a purchaser, we want to know the status of the construction in phases. Terry was always one or two steps ahead of us. Never was a time we asked for an update, he was always upfront in providing that. In each site visit, he’d always brief us on what to expect on the coming days. If we had simple measurement questions, he quickly gave us the information. We had a minor concern and he immediately dropped by the home to fix it. Really, we have no words to describe but first class customer service.

Lastly, we would like to extend our thanks to Pasquale for a smooth walk-through. He did not mind extending time with us to answer all our questions and concerns. Thanks also for the tips he provided and demonstrations, we will surely keep the video handy.

Again, it has been a pleasure having Ventura as our home builder and we will definitely share this experience with others.

Del Monica Road

My wife and I would like to thank the Ventura team for building such a beautiful and comfortable home for us. Today is our 3rd day in this house and we feel extremely happy to have built our home with Ventura. Please extend our sincere thanks to Paul Saltel and to every individual who remain instrumental in putting our dream home together. We wish success to Ventura on future projects.

William Johnstone Court

I wanted to give Ventura my families sincerest thank you for building our dream home.  Specifically a huge thank you to Arin and Terry and all of their help in the process in making our experience wonderful from beginning to end.  We love our house; it’s perfect!

Dallinger Drive

I wanted to thank you one last time for all the help that Ventura has provided. It has been a wonderful experience for us with Ventura. All this year we have enjoyed living in our new house. The credit goes to you and your entire team. To this date, every member that I have met from the Ventura family has been very humble, helpful and nice. I really appreciate the efforts you all put in. I want to thank you for carefully meeting our requests. Your service team did an excellent job and was very helpful.

Last but not the least , you guys are doing a great job. And I will be glad if I get another chance to built a house through you. Thank you Again. We wish the entire Ventura family a Merry Christmas and a very happy new year.

Bitterfield Drive

Almost a year ago, we found a Ventura Home in Bridgwater on the resale market that hit all the points – the size, layout, etc., but the location wasn’t ideal.  I wanted to learn a bit more about the building process, so we dropped in at the Ventura show home in Bridgwater Lakes.  This is where we met Chris Dare, and little did we know at the time that I would share literally hundreds of emails with him in the future.  Chris was able to describe every aspect of the build and really educated us on building codes and Ventura’s process.  If there was anything he didn’t know, he researched it and promptly provided a response.  The layout of our home (the Woodland) was a pretty big deviation from the standard, but Chris helped me think through every aspect: from the range hood CFMs to placement of appliances.  Chris is a knowledgeable and honest salesman; having him at the “front end” of this major purchase helped us feel confident about our choice to go with Ventura.

Then came Lesley.  Together, her and I learned about the different kinds of fireplace inserts to how much space is needed between a door and a toilet.  She demonstrated a genuine interest in fine tuning our home; we shared hundreds more emails making sure every detail of our home was perfect.  She is thorough, detailed, and responsive, and a true professional in putting the customer’s needs first.

Then came Terry, who may be the reason why our house was ready ON TIME!  A 2,500 sq ft house in five months is unthinkable, but I truly believe it was having all the right people on your team.

This is our dream home and the direct result of all the care and detail that went in to the planning.  This couldn’t have happened without the help of your incredibly dedicated and proficient staff.

Red Spruce Road

We’ve recently had the pleasure of building our very first home with Ventura. As first time home buyers and first time home builders, we know we are quite fortunate to have such a beautiful starter home. We’d like to thank you and your team for making the process incredibly easy and trouble free.  We are confident Ventura will take care of us. We’ve also been making notes of what we want for our next home as we look forward to working with you and your team again in the future.

Concordia Avenue East

I am writing this email to comment on the overall experience my wife and I had during our house build from Ventura Custom Homes. We first encountered Evald in the show homes, and found him very professional and knowledgeable regarding products, pricing and availabilities. We were very impressed with Evald’s kindness and attention he gave us while we described just what we wanted. He walked us though the initial stages of our build and always answered every question with ease. We were then introduced to Ken Mikoluff who was our site supervisor. Wow! What a guy. He gave me a run down on what was happening, and told me what was next. I explained to him we had already sold our home and were virtually homeless until we received the keys from Ventura. He said he appreciated the information and maybe he could hurry things along for us. Now, I am a business owner, and I know how money talks. I asked Ken if a little remuneration could help speed the process. He said no thanks, and that he would give my house his best attention, as he does for all of the homes he manages. We sure found that out.  Right up to the day we completed our walk through, Ken was our master hand, and friend. We certainly could not have asked for a better guy to supervise our future home. A few days later, the city inspector came in for the final inspection. He started out saying no house passes everything. Well, ours did. The inspector said he was doing these inspections for many years and this was only the second one that passed with no issues. He also noted that’s because Ken was on the job. Let’s not forget Lesley, or Edith, who on many occasions, we called upon to deal with certain issues. They too made the purchaser feel like we were the only people on their mind. To say they were pleasant would be an understatement. I’m sure there were many more people involved with the build, and I couldn’t even begin to mention all of the names. Thank you Ventura, for making this truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Vander Graaf Place

I wanted to send my deepest thanks and appreciation to Ventura’s site supervisor and Sussex Electric company. It’s a few weeks past our one year warranty, and last night a problem had arisen. As a first time home buyer, I was not only unsure what to do, but I was also afraid at the time of costs that would be required in order to get the problem fixed. Some electrical problems happened and the only thing my boyfriend and I could think of, was to call our site supervisor (from when our home was being built), the next day to see what our options were. He came within a few hours of me calling to assess the problem, as well as called Sussex Electric to stop by and see what could be done. Both were incredibly friendly and professional, and were able to give us back our TV and lights within minutes! Not only did they do that for us, but an awkward layout of light switches that we ended up with, was switched to a more appropriate setting. All these things were done out of their own time and we can’t thank them enough for their kind gesture. All in all, and again, we’ve had nothing but wonderful things to say about our builders and all the people involved in making this our home. Thank you Ventura!

Red Spruce Road

Our experience with Ventura has been excellent from day #1. Our home is beautiful and very well built. We are so glad we chose Ventura and want to thank everyone there for the great customer service we received during the build and continue to receive during the warranty period. We are looking forward to building again soon! Nothing is nicer than having a brand new home!

Brookfield Crescent

Ventura Custom Homes built us an amazing home. From the design stage through the warranty process, they have paid attention to every detail. Our friends who built with other builders are jealous of the quality of our home and how well we have been treated when we asked for help with issues that arose. I have recommended Ventura Custom Homes to my friends and family because I know they will be in good hands.

Brookfield Crescent

I wanted to personally thank you again for all the times you have listened to my requests. Glenda and the team of Ventura have been very diligent on meeting my needs for the last year, the Warranty Department (Pasquale) in particular. Ventura is a great company to deal with because of the post-sale customer service. I will pass the name on to refer more business because of these good experiences. I wish you and Ventura the best of success and hope this company becomes Number 1 in Manitoba one day.

Concordia Avenue East

They’ve done our driveway already and they did a very good job. Once again, we’re extremely happy about our whole experience with Ventura homes service. Thanks again for everything.

Mosselle Drive

Ventura continues to amaze us on how well we have been treated throughout our process.

Brookfield Crescent

I needed to take a moment to sincerely say “thank you” for your efforts to get us gravel on our driveway and walkway. We have been living in such a mess and understand, with road restrictions, this was probably not an easy task.

Your time and effort is greatly appreciated by my whole family. Please extend our thanks to everyone involved.

Gillespie Street

Thanks again for taking our request into consideration. As always Ventura listens to its customers and goes above and beyond for customer satisfaction. That is why we wanted to repeat business with Ventura.

Concordia Avenue East

Ron, we enjoyed your gift certificate Monday night to celebrate the passing of our old home to the new owners. We toasted you with a glass of nice red wine over our steak dinner and just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your help to get us to where we are today.

We are thrilled with our new home and with our experience with Ventura. We will be happy to pass your name on to anyone who asks. Thanks again for everything.

Scammel Road

Glenda, in your line of work I’m sure you have heard complaints and bad reviews from time to time as you can’t always please everyone. For my wife and I and four kids (two whom are autistic), having our first brand new home built by Ventura has been nothing shy of EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE. …

Outstanding through and through. [Ventura staff and trades] showed genuine concern, care and honesty and above all didn’t make us feel ever that we were alone once the keys were ours and the money paid.

We would most definitely recommend Ventura Homes to anyone and everyone thinking of building. Thank you. From my family to all of you at Ventura and your families, Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

Brunka Place

My wife and I wanted to take the time to acknowledge the outstanding building experience we had with Ventura Custom Homes. From the moment we began the process through our initial contact with Evald Frederickson we knew we had stumbled on something special. The level of customer satisfaction that your company and team devote to ensuring the best possible experience for its buyers is truly outstanding. My wife and I began our journey through the usual exploratory efforts of traipsing through show homes across the city and becoming mesmerised at the beauty of those castles. This process took us from one end of the city to the other and to which we encountered many sales agents that represented all the major builders in the city. Quite frankly we had a few problematic experiences with some representatives that truly did not sell us on wanting to build a home with their respected builder. As house hunting can be as tiresome as it is these issues did not leave us feeling confident in our potential decision to build until we met Evald Frederickson. This is where our journey began with Ventura Custom Homes. No joke, just before meeting Evald my wife and I walked out of a show home for one of the other Big Builders because the agent informed us that “he would only give us 12 minutes of his time”! Now you can imagine our frustration at this point, but it was destiny that we drove around the corner from this home and stumbled on the Ventura property represented by Evald. From our first encounter with Mr. Frederickson he was polite, informative and incredibly professional in his business approach and made the process feel as if it were a long time friend building a home for my wife and I. Throughout our entire build process we were truly grateful to have chosen Ventura Custom Homes and wish to thank the entire team with special thanks to Evald, Lesley Prodanuk and [Arin Comack]. If there is any other positive feedback or references my wife and I can provide to you and your team please let us know.

Brunka Place

We would like to say a special thank you for being so supportive in our walk through. We were so impressed by your interest in our family’s new home. We appreciated the time you took with us and how you are making sure any deficiencies are attended to. We have complete confidence that everything will be completed for us. Thank YOU! [Arin] and Glenda made this such a positive ending …we KNEW we chose the right Builder from the very start! We will highly recommend Ventura Homes to friends and yes our huge Ukrainian family…who are a little nutty when it comes to real estate!!!! All the best and Glenda we do hope you have time to visit within the next month or so.

Eb Claydon Road

We are very proud of our house and satisfied with Ventura and all employees and contractors we’ve met so far.

Eb Claydon Road

Thank you very much for the KEG gift cards. That was very kind, appreciated and incredibly generous. I have always held very firm on my beliefs that Ventura has the best value around. I think it is incredibly wise to build homes using a base price strategy, and let the home owner go as expensive as they choose or not. This makes homes affordable for everyone. Much easier for people to listen when it’s in their price range.

Kara Cove

Lorna and I recently moved into our Newdale home that [Ron] helped us with. We love it! There isn’t a thing we would change. Every time we visited during construction it always felt like home here and we never second guessed anything. All of your work with us is much appreciated. It really made a difference.

Coventry Road

Kathy and I would sincerely like to thank you for going above and beyond in assisting us with our street snow/ice removal issue. I think it is fair to say that as GM street snow and ice removal is not in your job description. Last night the city showed up with a grader and a front end loader. They spent well over an hour cleaning up the mess.

With all the negatives in the news lately about home builders we take pride in relating our positive experiences with Ventura.

Rose Garden Crescent

It has now been a year and half since we have been in our Ventura home and we cannot begin to tell you how happy we are with it and everyone at Ventura. From our initial contact with Paul Saltel, your help in speeding up our completion date to facilitate our move and subsequent contact with the trades people, we have experienced nothing but professionalism, attention to detail, and exceptional service. You often hear horror stories of people who have purchased a home and then after the year is up have difficulty getting any repairs completed. This was definitely not the case with Ventura. First of all we had very few issues after living in our home for one year and those very minor repairs we did have were promptly corrected. Ventura goes above and beyond the call of duty in keeping their home buyers happy and satisfied. Today especially is a case in point. This morning in the -30 weather I was out trying to examine my garage door opener as the garage door would not close. Chad and John were across the street and saw me up on the ladder trying (hopelessly I might add) to figure out what to do to get the garage door closed. They came over, in this frigid weather, even though my home was not on their service call list and spent 10 minutes and had the door fixed. Our Ventura experience continues to be positive and we thank-you for your commitment to your homebuyers.

Brookstone Place

Thank you [so] much for everything…we’ve had a wonderful “Ventura” experience.

Perfanick Drive

We very much enjoy our new home, and greatly appreciate the after-sale service we have received from Ventura.

In speaking with friends and colleagues, I speak highly of the service you provide. And [Glenda,] what are you doing working on a Sunday evening at 7:30 PM? You must be very dedicated!

Thanks again.

Brookstone Place

Kathy and I would really like to thank you for all your hard work, kindness and patience in making the change order procedure effortless on our part. We would also like to say how impressed we are with the company’s fairness as it relates to upgrades. You hear horror stories of customers receiving minimal credits for items while at the same time being charged exorbitant prices for the upgrade. In the case of Ventura it has been more than fair.

Rose Garden Crescent

I appreciate prompt action in looking after our concerns and wish you a nice summer.

Caribou Crescent

My husband and I had a house built by Ventura in 2008/2009 in Lorette and we had a very good experience with Ventura.

Pioneer’s Trail

Just wanted to thank you for your help late last month in getting the ball rolling on our build. We had our plan review with Doug and he was awesome. We have had some questions, however Doug and the rest of the team have been very helpful and prompt in getting back to us. My wife has loved working with Christiane. Just wanted say that so far the experience with Ventura has exceeded our expectations.

I also wanted to “Thank You” for the KEG gift cards you had sent our way. I have been telling everyone what a great experience we have been having with Ventura.

Thanks again with all your help. Keep up the great work. Talk soon.

Blacksmith Road

Thus far all issues (which have been very minute) have been addressed. The house is great. Very satisfied with my Ventura house. Pass my regards to everyone associated with my home.

Copperfield Bay

We are AMAZED at the excellent customer service we received and wanted to let you know how happy we are. Ken came by the other day to look at our mud piles and the bobcats came today and smoothed everything out and all the debris was taken away. We are very impressed with the prompt and excellent customer care. Thanks again to the Ventura Team 🙂

Perfanick Drive

I want you to know you have an exceptional employee, Edith Parent, on your team. Edith is to be commended for her outstanding work on our home. Her calm, patient manner was a great help to me when my frustration was at an all-time high. Her knowledge of the details to our home and her remarkable problem-solving abilities were appreciated. As she made half a dozen telephone calls on my behalf, not giving up until I was satisfied with each phase of the build. Such professionalism is rare and is an asset to your organization and is part of the reason I have no negative comments to say when speaking with family and friends.

I commend your employee, Chad, for the service he gave me yesterday during the 60 day walk through. He determined our concerns were valid and wrote up a fair report with acceptable corrective actions. Some of the open items from the initial walkthrough he took care of to my satisfaction while on site saving me time. He is real easy to work with!

I wish to commend all your staff for the way everyone handled our new build. Being our first build, we had many questions and didn’t understand some of the processes which resulted in aggravation at times. But with courteous and friendly staff to help us along the way, we are now living in our home and loving the choices we made and satisfied with the end result. I wanted you to know how pleased I am with our new home. Please convey our appreciation to everyone for a job well done.

We wish you similar successes with your other clients.

Kara Cove

My wife and I built with Ventura a few years ago in Van Hull estates. We built the Harvard plan and are currently looking at options for finishing our basement. We’re very happy with the home in the first 2+ years and are excited to continue to develop it to suit our family.

Mardena Crescent

Naomi and I have really enjoyed the new house. Many friends have come to visit and like what they see. We truly believe we made a good choice with Ventura and have no regrets. One thing I have to mention is that we have noticed Ventura keeps their building sites way cleaner than the competition in our area. Good job guys! Keep it up.

Convent Crescent

I just wanted to let you know that Chad addressed every article on our 60 day list. He is an amazing help, and what great service he provides with a smile!!! Anyways, we are VERY happy with Chad’s work and service, so please pass that on to whomever is in charge of Chad!

Convent Crescent

I really felt my issues were addressed and you really listened to what I had to say . Thank you so much for making our walk through pleasant !! I was expecting something else, sorry to say. We really do love our new Ventura house and look forward to making it our home. Glenda, Arin and Chad you were all extremely pleasant and courteous and very friendly. Thank you very much

Amberstone Road

Time and time again we’ve mentioned to friends and family about how our experience with Ventura has been very easy and very positive. Your willingness to meet with us on the 1st is another example of seeing building and moving into a new home through the eyes of a client – probably people who do this rather rarely. So, while it may be commonplace for you to build and the like, you recognize what a major decision it is for us and are willing to help out. Thanks once again,

Kingfisher Crescent

Thank you very much and it has been our pleasure working with you. You been fair and understanding to all our request. Second time building with Ventura and this time we are enjoying every minute of it. We love the process from beginning and we can’t wait to see the final product. Thank you very much.

Convent Crescent

We are definitely coming to the end of a long road. Building our house with Ventura has been nothing short of wonderful. We built a home in the past and our experience with Ventura doesn’t even compare. The professionalism and friendliness of your team is remarkable. Each and every contractor was efficient, professional and friendly. I shared with Lesley that even the framers at the beginning of the build were so courteous. When I stopped by the home for a peek, they said congratulations on your new home, we hope you enjoy it. We cannot say enough about Lesley and Edith. They definitely went above and beyond. I think I emailed poor Lesley almost daily with so many changes, but she was prompt and efficient and we actually got to know each other a little bit through our emails. It was delightful corresponding with her. Edith also was quick to find resolution to any questions or concerns we had and I continued to wait for the whole thing to fall apart “because building a house is supposed to be a nightmare.” Ventura, you have definitely made building our home a dream – thank you to Terry and Chad for taking care of business – those two are hard working guys! I did not think we would be moving into our house two days before possession date, but Terry worked MIRACLES and it was done, with not much left other than touch ups and a few outdoor things. We have toured many homes during the past couple of Parade of Homes and although many of the new homes are very modern, sleek and trendy, they do not compare to the quality of the work put into our home. We have chosen a traditional family friendly design and decor and we are very happy with our choices. I’d like to thank Christianne and Regency Flooring for their flair and encouragement in my choices. I would say we would be glad to build another home with Ventura but unfortunately I am never moving again! My husband and I have told our kids that they will need to move us to the nursing home or take us to the cemetery because we are never moving again! Thank you Ventura, we love our new home. We wish you all the best in the future.

McBeth Grove

Jiri (my hubby) and I want you and Ventura to know that if you ever need any referrals or references we would be the first to jump at the opportunity to tell everyone how awesome all of you are!!

Rod Black Crescent

We wanted to say thank you to you and your team for the great experience we had with our build. All of the staff and contacts were fantastic! Starting with Ron Tardiff who helped us with the many, many decisions and changes we made initially, Christianne who helped us with make our vision a reality, Lesley who was so helpful and friendly and was always there for us, yourself who helped us to make the correct decisions for the build, and Terry Paterson who was always available to us when we needed to contact him, and helped to make our home everything we wanted it to be (and for getting us into our new home for Christmas)! We have been in our new house for a week and it already feels like home. We absolutely love everything about it!! Thank you again and happy holidays to you all!

Convent Crescent

I would like to take this opportunity to express how delighted and impressed I am with Ventura Homes. Building a new home was a new experience for me. Your entire staff and associates made this process incredibly easy. Had I known it was this easy I would have built a home years ago. My first visit with Paul Saltel your sales associate. His patience and understanding during a difficult time in my life was incredible. Paul was always available and his guidance was appreciated. Next I met with Doug Volkart; he made me feel comfortable and explained the design process and each drawing in detail. Doug was patient, attentive and responsive. Then it was off to meet with the flooring and design associates. John from Regency Flooring and your Interior Designer Christiane were very professional. It was overwhelming at first, picking carpets, flooring, paint, stucco and stone every last detail. Both John and Christiane were very patient and helpful. I am glad I put all my confidence in them and their recommendations. I am elated with the outcome it blew me away. Your site supervisor Terry was also fantastic. Terry was always available to answer my questions and no question was a “dumb one”. My voicemails or text messages were always returned in a timely manner. It is these little details that make this entire process very enjoyable. Having a construction key was the most exciting part of this process, watching the progress each and every step of the way. Then it was possession day. I was greeted by Doug for my walkthru. My brother said “I’m so impressed with how professional the walk thru is and the quality of finishing blew him away”. One can build a million dollar house but if the finishing is poor it reflects on the product. I may built an entry level home but it’s my million dollar home and your finishing is top notch. Please extend my compliments to your entire staff. Thank you again for such a great experience. I would recommend Ventura to anyone looking to build an incredible home with great people who care about the customer. Warmest Regards,

Rivergrove Drive

We would like to thank Ventura for the building of our house. We started with Paul Saltel, he was very helpful and friendly. Then there were Dave and his team, especially Dave was always there and ready to answer questions. Finally, Doug walked us through and explained things as we go, that helped us a lot too. Keep up the good work!

Lake Forest Road

Once again thank you Tara for your help! I have to say the after service I receive from you is excellent! I actually gave two different referrals for builds with Ventura over the last few months. One already signed the agreement with Ventura…the other person I spoke to last week said I cemented their decision to go with Ventura because of my feedback. I am sure they will be working with one of your salesperson to come to agreement. Between you and Dave (site Forman) have made the build easier! Keep up the good work! After service is very important and this drives the positive feedback for future builds.

Prairieview Drive

Also our house is gorgeous! Everyone compliments it and how well laid out it is. It is such a beautiful home! Thanks very much.

Kingfisher Crescent

I wanted to express how impressed I am with the exceptional craftsmanship and the due attention to the very little details. I am very impressed. My wife and I were talking about this last night and she spontaneously said “if we were to do it all over again, we wouldn’t change a thing.” So thank you very much, and please covey our gratitude to all involved.

Marvan Cove

Just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the service provided by Ventura and your plumbing contractor. Jordan contacted me immediately and made arrangements to meet and perform the repair on Wednesday afternoon. He was flexible with the appointment time and arrived exactly when he said he would. My wife was impressed with his quick repair and how careful he was to keep the house clean around his work area. The problem has certainly been resolved to our satisfaction.


Please convey my sincere thanks to the crew involved and Dave for his extra effort in pouring our driveway/sidewalk today. Scott had spoken with Paul Saltel earlier this week regarding his wish for a particular edging detail that he wanted (four grooved edging). Dave said that he couldn’t make any promises, but would try his best to accommodate this request. To our extreme joy the drive/sidewalk had the detailing that Scott wanted. We had the pleasure of speaking with one of the crew members who was finishing the driveway/sidewalk when we stopped by the house this evening. We thanked him eagerly for all the effort done for us and we found him to be very pleasant and great to speak with. Very nice man, I must say, as is all the crew personnel that we’ve happened across whenever we’ve visited the house. I also wanted thank the Ventura team for addressing the issues that had concerned us regarding some of the minor problems we found in the house last week. All have been addressed and we couldn’t be more pleased. I guess we are still considered rookie house builder clients. I know we’re almost at the end of the road with the house, but I can’t seem to say enough about your staff and crews that have worked on our home. I must admit that after leaving the house tonight, I had a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye, that everyone there is making mine and my families dream come true. And, you are doing it right the first time, as Mike Holmes would say. I am so glad that Scott and I decided to go with Ventura to build our new home and I have no reservations to tell other people about your company, as Kelly Saltel can attest to. We can ‘t say enough. Again, our sincere thanks and we look forward to taking possession soon!

Mary Andree Way

We expected and prepared for the building of our home to be a somewhat stressful time. I must add that we certainly did not experience any great stresses during this time as our home was being built. I believe this to be due to the good organization and knowledgeable staff with Ventura. It has been a pleasure working with people who know the meaning of efficiency and we have appreciated the friendly business relationship we have had with your company. We would highly recommend Ventura as an excellent builder.

Attrridge Lane

You guys are amazing and never stop to impressing me. I really appreciate your looking after the tiny tiniest details. I am sure that this level of professionalism is what makes the difference between “a builder” and “a great builder.” What a comfort to have you guys looking after us. We appreciate it all of you and your associates. Thanks a million.

Marvan Cove

“I would like to thank Ventura team they built an excellent home for me and have provided exceptional service for me. Especially I would thank Glenda for her coming on walk a through. Very special thanks from Mr .Dough, Edith, David , ken and Nicki receptionist she always helped me contact anyone I needed. And very thank form two young site engineer Mr. Dave Borley and Chad Gibson and finally congratulate for Mr. Cliff Penner for his grate team. I had a party last week, all my friends and relatives liked the work done by Ventura so much that they want to build the same home with Ventura.”

Langley Bay

“I just wanted to write a note of appreciation following our emergency plumbing call last night! Our home alarm went off about 1:30am, during the heavy thunderstorm. We thought it was problems with the phone line or power, but it turned out to be the alarm for the sump pump due to high water. We tried to sort it out ourselves, but the pump wasn’t functioning and the water was to the top of the cannister. We looked in our Ventura manual (which is wonderful, by the way!) and found the sheet with emergency contacts. It was very good that it was on bright pink paper at that time of the night. Anyways, we called Marc from DJ Plumbing at home, it was 2:00am. He talked to Josh about the situation and determined he needed to make a house call, so he arrived by 2:30am. He was very polite and professional. He replaced our sump pump and we were back to bed by about 3:00am. We really appreciated his response and his positive attitude. We felt really bad about calling him at home in the middle of the night, but we were really worried about the basement flooding as the street was full of water. We definately didn’t want that same look in our basement! We, again, were grateful for yet another trade service that you’ve provided to us that has been such a postive experience. I just wanted to let you know- and please pass our “thanks” on to Marc and his company.”

Second Avenue

“Even with some of the stresses of building I enjoyed the process much better with Ventura than my previous builder. Love my new home and enjoyed working with people like you and Chad. As a matter of fact, I miss having to talk to Chad, I hope he is doing well too. I had daily conversation with him and now they have stopped. Once again thank you for all you’ve done for me and I hope things go well for you in the future.”

Earlton Place

“Could you please let Mitch know that the texture on the ceiling, looks great and the colors match the other. Please relay how much we appreciate his and your efforts to make everything right in our new home. By the way Tri-Star has now fixed the fresh air intake.”

Second Avenue

“Thank you for arranging for Mr. McMullin’s to repair our fiberglass tub. He did a terrific job. We came down on the long weekend and were very impressed with his skillful work. You have hired a top notch craftsman. We appreciate the dedication you put into your position on behalf of Ventura. Thank you for taking care of us.”

Wilkes Avenue

“We wanted to thank you for sending your electrician to fix the outlet at the back. We really appreciate the services were getting from Ventura Homes.Were very thankful that we choose your company to build our house. “

Robins Nest Way

“I just wanted to write a note of appreciation following our emergency plumbing call last night! Our home alarm went off about 1:30am, during the heavy thunderstorm. We thought it was problems with the phone line or power, but it turned out to be the alarm for the sump pump due to high water. We tried to sort it out ourselves, but the pump wasn’t functioning and the water was to the top of the cannister. We looked in our Ventura manual (which is wonderful, by the way!) and found the sheet with emergency contacts. It was very good that it was on bright pink paper at that time of the night. Anyways, we called Marc from DJ Plumbing at home, it was 2:00am. He talked to Josh about the situation and determined he needed to make a house call, so he arrived by 2:30am. He was very polite and professional. He replaced our sump pump and we were back to bed by about 3:00am. We really appreciated his response and his positive attitude. We felt really bad about calling him at home in the middle of the night, but we were really worried about the basement flooding as the street was full of water. We definately didn’t want that same look in our basement! We, again, were grateful for yet another trade service that you’ve provided to us that has been such a postive experience. I just wanted to let you know- and please pass our “thanks” on to Marc and his company. – Have a good day!”

Second Ave., LaSalle

“Ventura has two great service men. Mitch always does an excellent job. We get lots of compliments on the appearance of our home. They are always surprised that it is a Ventura Home because it does not really look like any of the other homes that you build. Jackie was just the best at putting it all together with us. We tell them that the crews at Ventura were awesome and that we are extremely proud of our home. P.S. please tell Jackie and Ray the in-ground pool went in last fall and for them to drop by for a dip next summer – thanks again.”

Waterview Drive., Wpg.

“It was so nice to have Mitch out to our house to look at some of the issues. He is such a wonderful person to have representing your company.”

Second Ave., Wpg.