Serving as the City Centre for Waverley West, right in the heart of Bridgwater. Featuring the central clock tower, spacious sidewalks, variety of retail offerings, beautiful landscaping and access to trails and other natural beauty, expect an ideal mix of small town living with big city amenities. This community is master planned with your serenity, convenience and productivity in mind.


Corydon and Crescentwood are two of the most popular mature communities in Winnipeg. Corydon offers a mix of eclectic restaurants and shops that will suit many different tastes and preferences. Furthermore, the Corydon & Crescentwood area have all the amenities that one would need once retired – pharmacy, doctors’ offices, post offices, physiotherapy clinics, community centres and beautiful parks.

Explore the extensive restaurants and shops on Corydon Avenue.


Recently named one of Canada’s greatest neighbourhoods boasting many turn of the century buildings, diverse population and gathering places, Osborne Village is one of the city’s most vibrant neighbourhoods. It is also filled with many unique shops and artisanal establishments that create a relaxed urban vibe.


Crescentwood was developed by real estate agent C. H. Enderton in the early 1900’s. It was one of the first neighbourhoods in the city where houses adhered to strict building guidelines, including that they be set-back a certain distance from the sidewalk. The guidelines contributed to a look and feel still evident today.

Named one of the “Best Old Family-Friendly Neighborhoods” by This Old House magazine, it is known for its stately homes and a mature tree canopy.