Current Development

134 Plaza Drive


Ventura Developments is proposing a multi-family development at 134 Plaza Drive. 

The development will include two buildings to be constructed in two phases inside the existing primary dike. The site has parking along the north property line with a landscape buffer of trees to soften the view to the building from the neighbours. The exterior parking will include 57 visitor stalls for the two buildings and will have sidewalks connecting to the river pathway and Plaza Drive.

LOCATION: Winnipeg, MB


134 Plaza Drive

EAST Building

The first phase is the east building to be developed in the lower section of the site while the existing building remains in operation as an office. The building will include 3 levels of parking to provide approximately 150 indoor heated parking stalls, indoor secure bicycle parking and a roof deck for amenities overlooking the river. The residential suites will start on the 4th floor as a mix of 1 and 2 bedroom units providing a total of 200 units over the 10 floors. The wing extending to the north will have balconies facing east and west and the wing on the south side will have balconies looking north and south.

134 Plaza Drive

WEST Building

The west building will be developed following the east once the existing office space is not required. The building will have a similar form as the east building with 3 levels of parking providing 96 spaces and indoor secure bicycle parking. The building will also include units on the first three floors facing out to Abinojii Mikanah. The roof deck of the parking area will be a common area for all tenants with recreation amenities. The residential suites will have a similar form to the west building with an L shape structure from floor 4 to 13. The 270 units will be a mix of 1 and 2 bedrooms.

Site Plan

134 Plaza Drive

134 Plaza Drive