May 23, 2019

Never has it been so difficult for families to afford a new home in Winnipeg


The time has come to quit searching for answers in the city. Instead, it’s time to start thinking outside the box.

That means looking outside the city to find an affordable, family-friendly place to live.

These days, there’s no better place than Stonewall’s Quarry Ridge Park.

Designed with families in mind, Quarry Ridge Park – which is now selling phases four and five due to high demand – has everything, and more, that a growing family might need.

First, there’s the variety of homes offered within the community, from single family homes with extra-wide lots to multi-family condos. All homes are fully serviced with Manitoba Hydro and gas, MTS and municipal water and sewer.

And with 24-plus acres of greenspace and pristine oak forest, miles of walking trails, huge park spaces for the kids to play in and amenities such as Stonewall Veterans Memorial Veterans Sports Complex in town, Quarry Ridge Park is a haven for active families.

Kinsman Lake, Quarry Park and Oak Hammock Marsh are also close by for family outings, too.

Parents will also love the fact that three K-12 schools are located right in town, along with grocery shopping and a host of other amenities including banks, doctors, dentists, shops and restaurants.

Most importantly, Quarry Ridge Park is just a stone’s throw from the city, making for a seamless, stress-free commute.

Come visit Stonewall’s Quarry Ridge Park today to see how you can tap into a great community that can provide you with an affordable home and a rich, relaxing lifestyle you’ve never experienced before!