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La Salle Refer-A-Friend Program

After being involved with La Salle for a number of years, we have discovered that the best sales team for La Salle is the current residents of La Salle and the surrounding area. Most of the purchasers we speak with say they have family or friends that currently live in La Salle and they have heard so many great things about the community from them.

We want to start rewarding this by initiating a La Salle Refer-A-Friend Program open to anyone that lives in the Rural Municipality of Macdonald.

Refer-A-Friend Program

  • $1,000 pre-paid VISA card will be given to the individual (Referrer) that introduces Ventura Land Company Inc. to someone that purchases an available building lot in one of the subdivisions in La Salle that Ventura Land Company Inc. manages – Prairie View Lakes or Kingswood South;
  • We will have annual year-end giveaways to the Referrers based on the total number of purchasers referred through this program. These giveaways will consist of $2,500 pre-paid VISA cards. These giveaways are in addition to the $1,000 pre-paid VISA card. The number of giveaways will increase at each milestone outlined below:

      • If we get 10 Referrals – There will be two (2) draws totaling $5,000;
      • If we get 15 Referrals – There will be three (3) draws totaling $7,500;
      • If we get 20 Referrals – There will be four (4) draws totaling $10,000;
      • If we get 25 Referrals – There will be five (5) draws totaling $12,500;
      • If we get 30 Referrals – There will be six (6) draws totaling $15,000;


  • If any individual refers five (5) purchasers to Ventura Land Company Inc. in one year, they will receive a $5,000 pre-paid VISA card on top of the $1,000 pre-paid VISA cards;

Rules & Regulations

  • To submit a referral, you first must be registered as a Ventura Ambassador. The registration form can be found below.
  • To be eligible, you must fill out everything on the referral form. The form must be submitted directly to Ventura Land Company Inc. via an email attachment to info@venturadevelopments.ca.
  • We will setup a meeting with the Referral and they must attend this initial meeting.
  • The Referral must take title/possession of the lot.
  • The Referral must sign our Standard Lot Purchase Agreement for Private Purchasers for the purchase of the building lot.
  • If a realtor is involved in the purchase the building lot, it will not be considered a referral and no pre-paid VISA card will be given to the Referrer.
  • This program is only applicable for the purchase of available building lots within the Prairie View Lakes and Kingswood South subdivisions in La Salle, Manitoba.
  • Referrers must reside within the Rural Municipality of Macdonald.

Click here for the Referral Form.

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