February 5, 2018

Building and Living in La Salle

Quick, name one of the fastest-growing bedroom communities in Manitoba. In case you didn’t guess it, the community is none other than La Salle, Manitoba. With a present population of about 2,400, La Salle is projected to double in size over the next 10 years. That said, the town is already growing in leaps and bounds. There are many reasons for that rapid growth. Two growth factors are tied at the top: La Salle’s affordability, and its proximity to the city. First comes the community’s affordability, which presents itself in several forms. For starters, lots are considerably cheaper in La Salle than in Winnipeg. The lots are also larger, with average lots coming in at about 70 feet wide and 140 feet deep. That allows for several things: to build larger, more luxurious homes, more room for the kids to play, and wider side yards that provide greater separation from neighbouring homes. Those lots also come in various styles: standard, park-view (available for the first time ever) as well as gorgeous walk-out lake lots – your choice of which lot fits your budget and lifestyle the best. Speaking of budgets, La Salle also offers a great cross-section of homes to choose from. Young families looking for a move-up home can find affordable entry-level homes starting at $259,900 including land and net GST. Meanwhile, buyers at different stages in their lives can build mid-range and luxury homes on the lot of their choice. Seniors will also be able to find a spacious, well-appointed condominium to downsize to without sacrificing space and amenities – while gaining a superior lifestyle in the process! Next, there’s La Salle’s superb location, which gives you the best of both worlds: quiet country living, yet quick, easy access to the city. Just minutes down highway 330 off the Perimeter Highway, the town is tucked away in a serene prairie setting. Yet, it’s only minutes from the city. Both St. Vital and Fort Garry are about 10 minutes away, while the Kenaston Boulevard extension provides access to Kenaston Boulevard and all its amenities in less than 15 minutes. You can also take the Perimeter Highway north to access communities such as Charleswood and St. James in under 20 minutes, or the opposite way out to Southdale, Sage Creek and Transcona. Reason Two for La Salle’s growing popularity is that it’s rapidly becoming a self-sufficient community. At present, there’s already a wide range of services and amenities right inside town limits: an expanded grocery store, full-service MLCC outlet, car wash, gas station, retail outlets, restaurants, walk-in clinic, pharmacy, dental services, insurance, banking and more. And with 15 acres of new commercial coming to Ventura Land Company’s master-planned subdivision, Prairie View Lakes, there are more services on the way. In time, Prairie View Lakes will offer over 700 doors of varied residential housing – creating unprecedented selection for home buyers. A third reason for La Salle’s exponential growth is that it’s an incredibly family-friendly community. Nothing illustrates this better than the fact that a recent expansion added six new K-8 classrooms, a new state-of-the art library, gym and life skills centre to the local school. That expansion also included a huge bonus: a 58-spot day care centre, which includes 10 spots for infants! Add to that the new LSCU complex that houses an arena, gymnasium, two multipurpose rooms, commercial canteen – and amazing fitness centre – and there’s no need for kids to take a bus to a school outside town, or go outside town to play hockey, curl or work out. Finally, there’s the tranquil yet invigorating lifestyle that La Salle offers. Arriving home after a relaxing highway commute, can revel in an environment defined by peace and quiet: no sirens wailing, cars roaring down the street or planes flying overhead – only the tranquility associated with making your home in a serene, countrified area. Because traffic levels are low, kids can play in safety, both out on the street (road hockey!) or (football or soccer) in huge backyards. There’s room to spread out to barbeque, entertain or relax in your backyard – and an environment that’s conducive to getting to know your neighbours. And if you enjoy outdoor activities, you’re positioned perfectly to enjoy the great outdoors. To that end, Prairie View Lakes will be a true outdoor haven with miles of walking trails, plus 25 acres of park space built around two breathtaking lakes. Those who enjoy snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and biking can simply step outside their front door to take part in their favourite activity. Golfers can also wander over to newly-renovated Kingswood Golf & Country Club to enjoy a relaxing round of golf – or a quick nine holes after dinner with the kids. If you’re tired of the city’s rat race – and high housing costs – take a drive out to La Salle. It’s an amazing community that gives you the best of both worlds – safe, quiet country living, yet seamless access to the city. La Salle is a vibrant, family-friendly community that features a wide variety of affordable housing options, low taxes – and a host of amenities right at your fingertips. Take the time to drive out to La Salle. Make the trip, and you’ll find out why increasing numbers of people are choosing to make this affordable, convenient, safe – and beautiful – enclave their home.