The benefits of buying a new home

For years, home buyers have debated the merits of buying new vs. resale.
These days, there’s no question what the answer is: to buy new.
Here are four reasons why you should buy a new home:

1.       The decreasing price gap between new and resale homes. Five or 10 years ago, there was a big price difference between new and resale homes. That’s not the case today. Buyers are paying premiums for upgraded homes – that are 60 years old. It makes more sense to pay a little extra for a brand-new home.

2.       You’re buying new, top to bottom, inside & out. Unlike a resale home, everything inside and outside a freshly built home is new: the exterior siding, roof, windows, flooring, paint, finishes, mechanical systems. There’s no need to worry about dated plumbing or electrical systems, or if the 10-year-old furnace will work for another 10 years. Buying new provides you with peace of mind because you know the home will require little to no maintenance for many years.

3.       The home is designed for you. This is one of the best things about buying new: the home you buy is designed expressly for you from the size of the lot on out. You’ll get the paint colours you want, the finishes you desire – plus a layout that’s been designed to meet your family’s exact needs. When you step inside at the end of the day, the home is yours, from start to finish. All you’ll need to do is walk in and enjoy!  

4.       You can put down roots exactly where you want to live. This means there are no compromises – you get to build a home that’s tailored to all your needs in the community you want to live in! This yields several advantages: being close to schools, parks, shopping, services and (hopefully) work! In short, everything is more convenient, making for less day-to-day stress. Because you’re exactly where you want to be, you’ll enjoy life – and your new home – that much more.

 Perhaps the greatest benefit of buying new is that you’re in control.

 When you get the home you want – one that meets your every need from how it looks, to how it functions and where it’s located – you’re bound to be much happier in the long run.

 That means you’ll truly be able to experience the joy of home ownership each and every day in a functional, stylish new home that was built just for you!